Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tax or Audit-the big question

I am currently pursuing a masters of tax program and after recently having taken an audit class , I can't help but wonder if I'd be better off doing audit. It's more intuitive, makes sense and doesn't involve memorizing codes and regs and knowing the workings of various entities in minute detail. Honestly the only reason I chose to do tax was the promising job prospects...apparently tax accountants are more in demand than auditors and in these recessionary times you got to go where the jobs are. I might end up doing a double masters in both tax and audit just to keep my options open, it wouldn't look too shabby on my resume considering I already have one albeit in an entirely different area!It doesn't hurt that some of the classes will overlap..two birds with 2 stones huh?!
Anyhoo, I just ordered all my Roger CPA materials and it will be arriving tomorrow-so I will start studying for the Audit section very soon, just as soon as I send out my application and receive my NTS! I don't start taking the CPA exams till July so I do have a little while before things get completely crazy, but I do need to take and pass the exams by Nov end because some major changes are taking place 2011 onwards..IFRS, additionals sims in the BEC section yada yada and I want to to take it before the exam changes FO SHO!